Saturday, July 14, 2007

they try to make go to rehab..i say no no no.

so amy winehouse is pretty amazing.
today was pretty awesome, hung out with heidi for the first time in months. we had a blast :)
we went in my pool, on the trampoline and in the tent.
i'm going to the hp7 release party with her (hopefully) this friday...i'm uber excited cause harry potter is amazing.
i'm such a nerd.
do you love it?

anyway i'm going to ride the pony soon, hopefully we will jump our first crossrail. excitingg !
i've only seen him twice since the show...i feel awful, man. tonight i will spoil him. no field though, i find it makes him psycho.

anyway, going noww,

~ whitney

Friday, July 13, 2007


heyz...i'm whitney.
i'm 13..and i live somewhere over the rainbow.
i like blogs.
and stuff.
uhm...i'm nuts.
i'm kind of a big deal.